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Glow from Within is a 100% pure hydrolyzed collagen peptides that are soluble in and liquid: hot/cold and tasteless with a creamy texture.

It can easily be added to any liquid (water/juice/coffee/smoothies) or used when preparing foods.

Collagen is an important protein source, providing the nutrients required for the many processes that take place in muscles and cells. Collagen comprises 30% of the body’s protein content and is the ‘glue’ that holds your body together – it’s the fibrous protein found in organs, eyes, muscles, skin, hair, nails, teeth, bones, blood vessels, joints, tendons, cartilage and throughout your entire digestive system.

Many other collagen products include a list of flavourants which are chemicals, preservatives and other things that don’t have to be disclosed which bring the price down for the manufacturer.

The MOTHERKIND ‘GLOW’ range is 96.7% pure collagen. Factually, this would be 100% pure however we cannot factor out oxygen and hydrogen at 3.3%. In other words, Glow From Within is the purest form of collagen powder.

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