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Beauty Babe is your all-in-one hair & skin support powder. Beauty Babe may help: strengthen hair, skin & nails; hydration, skin elasticity + cell vitality; plus provides antioxidant properties + skin protection.

This all-natural herbal supplement helps beautify your hair and skin with highly studied natural ingredients that support your whole-body health, keeping your look young and new. No proprietary blend and no additional supplementation are needed. 

Just one scoop a day in your favourite smoothie, protein shake or water.


  • Biotin: (May help support) Improved Hair Health & Reduced Hair Loss, Improve Skin Health & Improve Glowing Skin, Strengthen Nails
  • Pearl Powder: (May help support) Strengthen Hair, Promote Production of Collagen, Improve Skin Tone
  • Lycium: (May help support) Reduce wrinkles, promote hair growth, protect against free radicals, increase skin hydration, help treat acne.
  • Schisandra Berry: (May help support) Anti-Aging, Protect Skin Cells & Promote Glowing Skin, Promote Hair Shine, & May Also Protect Against UVB Induced Skin Damage
  • Rehmannia Root: (May help support) Reduce Hair Loss, Reduce Dry Skin or Hair, Restore Hair Health and Vibrancy
  • Amla Fruit: (May help support) Promote Anti-Aging, Help Treat Acne, Promote Hair Health, Even Skin Tone, Reduce Hair Problems such as Dryness.

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