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Pearl Kit

Unlike other Apps based on cycle statistics, Pearl gives you current cycle information based on your daily hormone values.

Pearl finds your ovulation based on 3 methods:
1) your cycle
2) your FSH profile
3) your LH profile

Based on your ovulation date, Pearl gives you the full extent of your Fertile Window

Advantages of the Pearl System:

• Chart and monitor FSH, LH and Progesterone to discover your true fertile days
• Confirm ovulation date and get clinically proven fertile window well in advance
• Individual profiles completely digitalised in the Pearl App!

How does it work?
Pearl accompanies you through your cycle tells you when to test and builds your hormonal profile

1. Start testing the day after your period comes
2. Expose strip to first-morning urine and let it dry
3. Read the strips with the app
4. Get an overview of your fertility status at any time
5. Fertility window prediction 5-6 days pre-ovulation!
6. Continue testing with pink strips to confirm early ovulation prediction

Pearl combines accurate hormonal testing with intelligent algorithms for a better understanding of your cycle

The Pearl Kit
• 15 LH tests
• 15 FSH tests
• 2 Pregnancy tests - 1 Strip Holder

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