No Caff No Faff | Coffee Capsules

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For those late night cuppas you just can't without or if you're bouncing through the roof after cup number 15473835 for the day - our Decaf sleeves are all you need with neat little compostable caps that are saving the planet one press of a button at a time. Roasted to perfection to ensure a perfectly balanced cup of "Don't Need No Caff' with every pour.

10 x Nespresso® compatible coffee capsules

BEANS - 100% Organic Arabica beans selected from the Chiapas region in Mexico.
TASTE - Smooth-bodied, with a chocolate aroma and bright acidity.
NOTES - Chocolate, Caramel & Citrus
BEST ENJOYED AS - Espresso (40ml)

COMPOSTABLE - commercially compostable coffee capsule made from PLA (which is a fancy name for a sustainable material made from sugarcane or cornstarch), compliant with EN13432 standard and are also certified and accredited by TÜV Austria. Buy now, feel all kinds of green later.