Macro Mixes

Bulk Strawberry Nougat Nuggets

16 X 12,5g Nougat Nuggets in each 200g box.


These Strawberry Nougat Nuggets are reminiscent of childhood strawberry milkshakes in the best way possible. Except with a very different nutritional composition this time around! High protein, sugar free, and almost carb-free nuggets of nougat, they are almost too good to be true, Almost!

The perfect pantry addition for when you want a lil snack, sweetie or choccy, they are sweet, chewy and enrobed in chocolate, and satisfy cravings in a sec. While actually filling you up and keeping you full!

Their formulation ensures that their nutritional composition is unique from regular high protein confectionery and bars, and delivers a good dose of protein with 0g sugar and relatively few calories.