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Babymoon Belly Balm

Created by an expectant mother, this velvety body balm instantly melts into the skin to boost suppleness and elasticity on contact. Its 100% water-free, vegan formula contains only pregnancy-safe ingredients, including nourishing sunflower and avocado oils, and a soothing, all-natural calendula scent.  

A note from our co-founder Lauren Ireland:

“I’ve been dreaming up this formula since I was pregnant with my son Evan, because I really craved a clean, effective, ultra-nourishing formula that could be used daily. I had found myself especially sensitive to smells, and wanted to create the dream belly balm with a calming scent and buttery texture.

I’m now expecting my second child, and have finally perfected our belly balm while testing it on my ever-changing body. I am so happy with how this product has eased feelings of itchiness and irritation that come with being pregnant.”


Massage into skin wherever extra-nourishing moisture and comfort is needed. Superconcentrated for maximum moisture, it’s ideal for dry, stressed or overstretched skin—and our secret weapon against stretch marks.

Tip: If pregnant, use morning and night for deep, soothing hydration. For best results, please store in a cool place (below 85° F/30° C). If your Babymoon Belly Balm does not gently squeeze out of the tube, we recommend running the tube under warm water for easy application.


  • NATURAL OIL BLEND: A combination of sunflower seed and avocado oils, this intensely moisturizing trio is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants to support natural collagen synthesis and barrier repair.
  • VITAMIN E: A natural component of healthy skin, this powerful antioxidant vitamin is known to encourage healing and boost elasticity.
  • CALENDULA OIL: A light essential oil that helps soothe and improve the comfort of stressed or overstretched skin.