Rawbiotics is a probiotic in a liquid formation; a unique and highly effective combination of probiotic bacteria that operate together to balance, regenerate and enable the gut to function to its full potential.

Rawbiotics are life’s most natural form of live, non-freeze-dried probiotic containing 14 strains and multiple classes of live beneficial bacteria. Rawbiotics is 100% vegan, natural, organic and raw. It contains 40 trace minerals, up to 18 amino acids, various organic acid compounds, nearly 100 types of enzymes, B complex vitamins, Vitamin A, as well as the live microbes which make up the solution itself.

Importantly, none of these beneficial compounds are added artificially to the brewing process. Rather, they are a natural by-product of the fermentation process of these highly effective bacteria.

Unlike regular freeze-dried products (tablets), our products are in a live liquid form; therefore, they don’t need to be freeze-dried to survive. They are fermented for 21 days at exact body temperature and contain 14 strains & multiple classes of live beneficial bacteria along with the full range of natural enzymes and lactic acid necessary for optimum digestive balance, uptake of nutrition and creation of natural vitamins and antibiotics.