Dr David Jack

Dr. David Jack skincare is a British doctor-led skin health brand that encompasses the concept of ‘integrative beauty,' i.e. products that optimise skin health both topically and from within. The initial product offering, launched in 2018, comprised of three topical products which form the backbone of any good skincare regime, and six oral supplements, with three different product groups: drinks, teas and capsules. The products have a firm scientific basis, utilising ingredients with a good clinical and scientific evidence base in as simple to use and high quality formulations possible.

Dr. David Jack is one of a new generation of medical doctors turned entrepreneurs. A true believer in treating the skin, the body’s largest organ, with the care that would be given to any other complex system in the body, he created his skincare system in a complete and holistic way. Being a unique organ in that it is exposed to, and affected by, both internal and external environments, his line harnesses the dual opportunities this presents by using both evidence based topical products and oral supplements, all with a firm scientific evidence base.

Looking to develop his strong commitment to improve all aspects of skin health, David established his acclaimed clinic on London’s Harley street, where he specialises in aesthetic medicine and anti- ageing treatments. He is renowned for his highly personal approach and has, over a relatively short period of time, become one of the key luminaries in his field speaking regularly at national and international conferences and events, and contributing regularly to the literature in his field.

Born and raised in Scotland, where he studied medicine, anatomy and embryology, Dr. Jack’s clinical career both in plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine allowed him to travel extensively and experience a wide range of specialities. He undertook rigorous training in specialist posts including burns, microsurgery, internal medicine, hand surgery, surgical dermatology and skin cancer during his time in the NHS. He is a member of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. Throughout his career, the overwhelming influence of nutrition and holistic wellness in skin health and ageing were starkly apparent. Particularly, in the field of burns care, a specialty he spent much of his NHS career in. Patients who had a good nutritional plan often healed much more quickly and had significantly better longer term outcomes, which led him to believe in the importance of this in general skin health.

Having been immersed in the skincare market for several years, David believes that, for some, the skincare market has become confusing, with many people using excessive numbers of products with no realistic benefit and often completely neglect the internal body environment. As a result, in 2016 David decided to create a simple, easy to use line that can be used by any skin type, any gender, and which addresses the chief causes of skin ageing in a simple and combined way, much like the approach integrative internal medicine adopts for other body systems.